Our Story

It All Started With A Fathers-and-Sons Fishing Trip Over 20 Years Ago…

Our vision to create a table strong enough to handle the outdoors, large enough to accommodate big groups, and portable enough to reach nature’s best kept secrets was created out of necessity at Patoka Lake in the beautiful wilderness of Hoosier National Forest. Since that single trip, TakeAway Tables has developed into the unmatched leader in American-made portability.

From our beautiful National Parks to the tailgating lots of the largest stadiums and beyond, you can always count on taking your TakeAway Table with you. We definitely have!

The first product line of our vision, then called Knockdown Tables, quickly became popular at University of Notre Dame football games in our hometown of South Bend, Indiana. It was there that our vision became realized as we experienced first hand the simple convenience, superior portability, exceptional quality, and endless fun our products provide. That’s when we began taking orders. A lot of them!

Our patented, no hardware design has taken years to develop and perfect, resulting in our all-new 2021 product line. From bar-height tables to dining tables, room for 4 or room for more, TakeAway Tables will always offer easy set-up and TakeAway in seconds. No hardware. No hassle. No kidding!

Today, TakeAway Tables has advanced from the vast Indiana plains to the sprawling mountainsides of Colorado, where we have now made our new home. Our manufacturing facility in Franktown, Colorado uses only the best in domestically sourced materials and operates fully on environmentally conscious and renewable solar energy.

One idea. One table from a fishing trip has evolved into a product line of permanent portability for anyone, anywhere. Our Plan and Plan XL tables can be seen on construction sites nationwide. Our Bistro Table graces patios and beer gardens, while our Harvest Tables are a standout in any home or venue. And you can always count on our TakeAway and TakeAway XL to accompany you on any adventure and every journey! Where you go, we will go with you. Again and again...